Rocky Mountain Medical Legal Consultation, Inc.
Wanda (Marley) Guidry, PhD, MS, CRNA
Medical Consultant and Toxicologist

Offering a Unique Combination of Clinical, Academic, and Forensic Experience for Your Legal Needs

Dr. Wanda (Marley) Guidry welcomes members of the legal and medical communities to her business for consultation and expert testimony for medical-legal issues. Please peruse the following headings to find the specific areas of information that suit your needs. This business does not perform any analytical tests or chemistry profiles.  It does, however, interpret analyses and integrate their results into the overall forensic picture. In many instances, we will ask the attorney for the complete medical records of their clients. You may have your results summarized as a verbal consultation, written report, affidavit, and/or as in-court testimony as an expert witness. Please feel free to contact us, even if you think that your specific forensic needs are not part of our services. We have a host of other contacts that may be helpful to you.

Contact Information:
Office telephone:970-619-0729
Facsimile: 970-689-3947

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